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Make sure you refrigerate your butter so it is completely solid! We have tried both salted and unsalted butter, and there is little difference..


Jun 25, 2014· El primer vídeo tutorial de Mis Pastelitos, espero que les guste :) NO OLVIDES DARLE LIKE Y COMPARTIR EL VÍDEO SUSCRÍBETE: bitly/1vOBVyo SÍGUEME EN M...

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Pasteles (pronounced pas-TEL-les; singular pastel) are a traditional dish in several Latin American countriIn Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and Panama, it is similar to a tamale In Central American cuisine, it more closely resembles a British pasty or an Italian calzone..

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14 reviews of Maili Pasteles "A real foodie goes everywhere for good food right?!! Well, how about coming to a place where there is no sign, its in the middle of nowhere in Waianae and it looks like you will go in but never go out??! Lol Well,,..

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For good times and great food, head on over to Mamita's Pasteles in BrooklynEndless parking options are readily available close to Mamita's PastelA visit to Mamita's Pasteles will set you back less than $30 per person, so you can make it a regular part of your schedule Mamita's Pasteles is cash-only so be sure to swing by an ATM on ,..


Feb 22, 2012· La comida típica más querida por los puertorriqueños en las navidades, los PASTELES Preparando pasteles artesanalmente ,..

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Dec 01, 2017· Pasteles, a Puerto Rican Tradition, Have a Special Savor Now Image Harry Franqui-Rivera, a history professor, pulls thread to tie up pasteles in his kitchen in Poughkeepsie, NY He got the recipe from his mother in Puerto Rico..

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This recipe is the 'easier' pasteles recipe- you wouldn't think so, since it seems like a lot of workBut since it just uses Yuca as the 'masa', instead of bananas, yautia, etc, it cuts down on processing time I personally like the taste of these pasteles over the 'regular' ones- I think you will, too..